About Us

„Technical education for children and their teachers“ is a non-profit project focused on supporting teachers and instilling children’s skills in the STEM subjects (Science, Technics, Engineering, Math) and digital technologies.

Since 2015 we have specialized in inspirational workshops and conferences focusing on STEM and digital technologies for teachers who work in early education.

Our experience has been gathered from over 1,000 schools, 2,000 satisfied teachers and tested on over 150,000 eager students by daily visits of our 50 experts.  The knowledge and skills the students have learned will last a lifetime and give them a better understanding of the world they live in.

Our team

Barbora Vítová

team leader, lecturer

Since 2008 Barbora is focusing on teaching children and their teachers new methods of STEM and ICT education. She believes that technics and digital education is the future. 

Šárka Landkammerová

lecturer, methodology supervisor

Šárka is a graduate of Charles University of Prague, specializing as a preschool teacher. She has 8 years of experience teaching kindergarten kids.

Amy Vyhnis


Amy has 10 years of experience teaching around the world. She has taught in South Korea, Japan, Georgia and Chile. Experience includes teaching at a kindergarten and a couple of national universities where she was in charge of the children’s program. She has a fun approach and enjoys a comfortable learning environment.

Petra Rožková

project manager

Petra has been involved in different projects for children since 2006. Her role has covered both, the project management and also contributing to create educational activities. She is a co-founder of kid’s orienteering club.

Jana Mikulášová

Erasmus+ coordinator

Jana has been coordinating people and children in various roles and environments for most of her professional life. Jana is responsible for the organizational part of the Erasmus+ program. She tries to be proactive and helpful in any situation..